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idk i don’t hate truscum but i feel like if you’re going to be consistent with the viewpoint that transsexualism is a medical condition, then why would you change your name or care what pronouns people use for you? names and pronouns are not medical treatment



i really don’t understand what you are trying to say here

Basically they’re saying “if you want to be cis just be cis” and trying to justify misgendering actual dysphoric people, which is incredibly transphobic.

You fucked up and now it’s too late… and you want to text me asking me to let you come over?



(head desk) what your child plays with, and wants to play with does not equal what their gender is. Literally, if your child says “he wants to be a boy and a girl because he likes playing with barbies and ninjas, but doesn’t want to be made fun of.” this does not mean they’re trans! Let your boy play with barbies and the ninjas, and deal with the people who are being assholes. 

The truth.

The truth.

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Lets Play Never Have I Ever

i can only answer yes or no.

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